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Keith Ferris Aviation Art German/US, World War II

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Rauhbautz, Marie, Special Delivery and Bonnie B. Lithographic print 24" x 30" L/E 850
Signed and numbered by the artist

Fw190, B-17s
Lt. Klaus Bretschneider rolls his Fw-190 into position behind three B-17s of the 303rd Bomb Group.

This painting is the reverse view of the Keith Ferris B-17 mural "Fortresses Under Fire" in the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Leutnant Klaus Bretschneider maneuvers his heavily armed and armored FW-190-8/R8 against B-17s "Marie", "Special Delivery" and "Bonnie B" of the 303rd Bomb Group over Trier, Germany on 15 August 1944. "Rauhbautz VII" was the legend painted on Bretschneider's well known Red 1 of II Group, Jagdgeschwader 300. The legend translates loosely as "Street Fighter" or "Young man who likes to fight". It also indicated that this is his seventh aircraft.
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