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Night Intruders
Original Painting by Keith Ferris
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24" x 32"
Oil on board
C-130, B-57Bs, EF-10B

Two 8th Bombardment Squadron B-57Bs are led into the area of Tchepone in Laos by a “Blind Bat” C-130 with a Marine EF-10B electronic warfare aircraft at the rear of the formation. This unusual conglomeration of aircraft types was formed in March 1965 at Bien Hoa, South Vietnam with the B-57 as a nucleus for night missions, the purpose for which it had been selected fourteen years before. The Skynight, originally the F3D, a two-seat jet fighter that had destroyed more enemy aircraft over Korea than any other Navy or Marine type, was even older than the B-57. The EF-10 was the first tactical jet aircraft employed in the electronic warfare role. The primary mission of this group was to destroy truck convoys as they drove down the Ho Chi Minh Trail that fed the enemy to the south.
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